Ordered a Tonga 110 it got here as scheduled before Christmas and it runs great. You guys have excellent service and great customer service skills . I already ordered another one and it will be delivered tomorrow as scheduled. Thanks ! You guys rock!

- Toika C. (01/02/14)

Thanks to Steve in Parts for making a Merry Christmas for my Granddaughters!

- Lou C. (12/27/13)

We ordered a Hawk 110 Youth Big Tire. Your service was great, the ATV was better than the description. Our granddaughter (5 yrs. old) absolutely loves it and after a few runs is getting better each time. We cant wait until our grandson get older  hes only 1-1/2 but soon, as we got him a small battery powered ATV to practice on. As soon as his legs reach!!!

Again thank you so much for providing a great product at an affordable price.

Wilmington VT

- Mary-Ann and Gene C. (12/26/13)

Hello Gents,

Just wanted to let you know that the quad came as scheduled. I assembled it today following your quick start guide and all is well. That is one wicked little quad! My daughters gonna love it! Looking forward to doing business with you again.,p> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

- Nick M. (12/23/13)

Please forward this to Steve in Service--

Thank you so much for your tech help with the ATV I purchased. Your tips got it started right away and the replacement parts were just what was needed. You made a great Christmas for my grandson and for me.

Hope you have Merry Christmas and a great 2014!

What a great little unit- Big Tire 110cc!

- Philip R. (12/17/13)

I love this little machine, it runs like a charm. Thanks a bunch!!

- Robert R. (09/19/13)

Thank you,also my grandson loves his ATV. Works great thanks again!

- Kevin V. (09/11/13)

I received the four wheeler today! Looks awesome my son is gonna love it! Thanks so much!

- Robert D. (08/16/13)

Thank you and we will continue to share feedback on your company and customer service. It is great!

- James L. (03/21/13)

Thank you so much for sending the carb and chain that we needed for our atv. It has been put on and works great. My son and I thank you.

- Brandi B. (03/02/13)

Ordered Spider 110 Youth - Reverse

- Color: Spider Red

on February 20, 2013 and was delivered to home on Monday, February 25, 2013. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Larry C. (02/28/13)


Thanks for taking the time to help me with the problems that I was having with my units. The replacement part arrived yesterday just like you said they would. I hope your company understands what a value you are to them. Because there is nothing like customer service after the sale is completed. I am looking forward to continuing doing business with you and your company. Looking forward to getting the grandboys gocarts soon and you all are at the top of my list. Thanks HAPPY CUSTOMER

- Jonathan H. (01/17/12)

I ordered an ATV for Christmas. Received it ON TIME . Easy assembly. Started right up. After 3 days I had a slight problem. I called Wicked and within 24 hours I was contacted by a human. Thank you Matt and John. They told me what to do and after 30 seconds my daughter's ATV has not so much as burped. I thank the Wicked company and their Great employees for KEEPING their promise of FAST deliveries, EASY assembly, GREAT pricing and above all 100% Customer service and Technical support. I look forward to further purchases now that I see you are for REAL. THANK YOU ALL

- Ron G. (01/07/13)

We recently purchased an Apache 110 Youth Reverse, with an upgraded battery. My granddaughter absolutely loves the machine.

- Bethany O. (01/07/13)

Dear Wicked ATV, Love the atv that I recently ordered from your company. The service was great throughout all to the delivery. It was ontime just as you stated. Thanks for everything and all my friends have been inquiring about you. I will place another with you for sure. Thanks

- Arnold K. (12/30/12)

My Apache 110 big tire was a major hit for Christmas!! I'm very pleased with it and will recommend these machines to anyone. I would love to know if I can get more aggressive tires for the snow. Thank you guys and happy holidays.

- Dwight C. (12/27/12)

Thank for your response. We got it working and everyone is very happy with Santa's gift!!!!! Thanks so much.

- Beth O. (12/27/12)

Hey guys,

I did run through your guides and drained the carb. to remove the shipping liquid. It came to crunch time and I removed the carb, which unfortunately the float bowl is held with break off bolts, but proceeded to use some carb. and choke cleaner and a thin piece of wire to clean the main jet and got it going. It was running right for Xmas. Loosened up the chain after the first ride and the kids love it even though its 20 degrees out here.

Back to work for me tomorrow but after a few more rides I'd be happy to leave a positive review for you and your machines.


- Steve K. (12/27/12)

Just wanted to say thank you for a great product at a great price. I received my daughters Tonga 110 on time for Christmas and as promised easy assembly and started right up. Thank you for any selling a good product at a great price.

- Ron G. (12/26/12)

Just wanted to thank you all for the parts in time for Christmas. You saved the day and will make one little boy very happy. This is the first time I have ordered from your company and have been impressed from start to finish. This won't be the last order you get from us. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!!

- Steve T. (12/20/12)

Thank u for the quick shipping and an awesome ATV. My daughter is going to flip out. Thank u

- Travis W. (12/18/12)

Hi Guys, I'm in Williamsburg VA, and wanted to let you know I received my 2 Galaxy 50 Scooters today. They are beautiful, and had them all put together in a few hours. The metal frame and container they were shipped in was in good condition. Had a tiny scratch on one fender but hardly even noticeable. I am very happy with them and anyone looking for a great scooter for the price should look here! Thanks for the free shipping and great service

- Jeff O. (12/14/12)

She fired right up and I have her all polished up for Christmas morning, Old Dominion was excellent to work with for shipping and they delivered within the window of time that I requested. Keep them as a shipper as they will contribute to the "word of mouth" advertising for you folks.

A new fan for your business, A+++ from me, hopefully some new business coming your way from some co-worker's.


- Martin C. (12/07/12)

Thanks for the update and Safe Start Guide. I'm glad I bought from you.

- Lamar H. (11/27/12)

Wicked ones, I recently recieved my new 110cc spidey quad and everything has worked out great. Fast shipping and easy installation


- Brandon P. (11/27/12)

Tony.. We both would like to thank you personally for the service you gave to us on the purchase of my wife's scooter. I completed the assembly last night and she is verrry happy... Thank you Tony and all of Wicked for the great service, Have a Great ThanksGiving and a Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

- Richard & Terry M. (11/21/12)

You guys are the best. I really love your service and fast response. The super fast shipping was great! Thanks.

- Arnold V. (10/19/12)

I wanted to let you know that these units are working fantastic and the kids are absolutely loving them.

- Chris Z. (09/10/12)

Hey, just wanted to say thanks alot for getting us the info we needed quickly. You guys have been awesome to work with and we really appreciate it. We will always suggest working with you guys to anyone we know that is in the market and we will contact you guys in the future for upgrades for my son and his future riding needs. Thanks again

- Jeff and Jen W. (07/05/12)

I have called for parts twice and both times I have dealt with John,this man was so helpful and pleasant, a real pleasure to deal with someone as knowledgeable. My grandson can once again enjoy his ATV because of John. You have a great employee. Thanks John

- Gary H. (06/15/12)

Thank you for JOHN in the parts department. He was very accommodating. Very helpful. Very pleasant, and went out of his way to help me out. appreciate it. dahlor

- Jeff D. (04/10/12)


- Paul K. (03/06/12)

Thanks. Grandkids had a great Birthday.

- Ralph J. (02/22/12)

Thank you for the immediate shipping of the neutral indicator light. I received it in the mail Feb 11, 2012. It's a pleasure to do business with you. I will definitely recommend your product to others. WICKED ATVS is your name, but integrity is your business methods of operating. Thanks again.

- Robert C. III (02/13/12)

I bought three four wheelers and three helmets for my kids at Christmas and they love them.

- Chris G. (01/22/12)

Bought my son an ATV for Christmas, your shipping is above all, and your customer service reminds me of when people actually wanted to help a customer. If I'm looking to purchase any off road toy, I will definitely contact you guys first. Thanks for the great service.

- Bruce T. (01/16/12)

I recently purchased 3 youth ATVs from your company. Love them! Except that I lost one of the M22 Castle nuts that holds the wheel on the axle. Any chance I could purchase one from you guys?

Thank You!

- Rick A. (01/12/12)

Thanks that's great service. I was contacted today and the part is being shipped.

- Felix M. (01/03/12)

Just a note--bought my kid a 4 wheeler for Christmas. He loves it and its amazing. Really pleased with my purchase

- Stephanie S. (01/02/12)

Hello, I just recently received the awesome ATV I ordered from you, and I love it!

- Julie C. (01/03/12)

Hey Wicked ATV Crew,

Just got my wheelers!! They are sweet! The wide track youth has some balls! It lugged my 240 lb butt around the parking lot so well thought I'd try it up a hill and sure was impressed! The Trailking took a little longer to assemble cause I'm not much of a mechanic, the maiden ride on it was good as well but may need to tweak some on my assembly. It appears to be larger than my Yamaha 400! Solid Bike!

If there are questions I can't solve I'll be in touch! Delivery was longer, but I live at the top of Maine so expected that!


- Conrad P. (12/30/11)

Lol. Wicked man wicked. Gotta love it. On my way now ! Yeeeeeha !

- Brian D. (12/27/11)


Great product, my boys are really enjoying the Hawk 110 ATV

- Matt F. (12/28/11)

Thanks figured it out runs great son loves it.

- David R. (12/27/11)

Got the part, Thanks, my son loves it!!

- Barry L. (12/27/11)

I ordered it on Sunday and they delivered it on Thursday. Great company and great fast service. My kids will be happy for Christmas. Thx and Merry Christmas

Grant H. in Sioux Falls SD

- (12/26/11)

By the way - we recieved the four wheeler that we ordered on the 10th and it is great !!! Thank you

- Shannon C. (12/26/11)

Thank u so much you GUY's Have a Merry CHRISTMAS!

- Sassy C. (12/23/11)

They called me this morning ....you guys are WICKED AWESOME ...I didn't expect it for another few days ... Thanks again and Happy Holidays ....I'll get my next ones from you too !!!

- Greg H. (12/21/11)

Thank you so much I live in Arizona, I think your ATVs are awesome and I love the one that I have. Have a great Holiday Season!

- Linda S. (12/17/11)

That's what I'm talking about! You rock! Awesome, really THANK YOU!

- Chris W. (12/15/11)

I got my sons four wheeler, super fast shipping, that was great. I'm quite pleased with everything so far, price, super fast shipping, and everything else. Can't wait to see my sons face on Christmas. Thank you guys

- Bryan B. (12/15/11)


Take Care and God Bless!!!

- Christy R. D. (12/10/11)

Oh okay thank you I'm really happy with your service! I have already been recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again for all your help !

- Ashley H. (12/8/11)

I just wanted to take a minute and commend your company on your website and ordering process, I only wish that all sites were as easy to navigate as yours. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future...

I also love the comments showing you are people too...

- Danny C. (12/7/11)

Just wanted to let you know, thanks for getting my stuff that was broke during shipping sent to me. I was a little skeptical about ordering an ATV on the internet but you have restored my confidence. I know after Christmas I'll have a million people ask me where I purchased it and I'll be glad to tell them. Please have a Merry Christmas and I know now my son will! Thanks again,

- Anthony S. (11/30/11)

Thank You very much for all the help! I'm sure my Grandson will enjoy his new ride.

- Roy L. H. (11/29/11)

Thank you very much and it was great dealing with you and I will be buying another one soon Thanx

- Timothy B. (11/16/11)

I received my 4 wheeler yesterday, and I had to write and tell you how happy I am with it. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, I was expecting something of moderate to low quality& boy was I wrong! The machine is very well built, it runs smooth and quiet, and looks sharp on top of it all. 2 of my neighbors asked me about it and how much I paid for it. Instead of telling them, I asked them to guess. Their guesses were between $3,500.00 to $4,500.00, and when I told them it was only $1,200.00 with free shipping, they want to order one as well.

Thank you so much for this machine, and I will probably be ordering several more from you in the near future :)


- Tom D. (10/26/11)


I just wanted to say that Cody was a great help in assisting me to make a decision on purchasing the correct ATV, and even on getting one from you guys. There are so many ATVs out there on the Internet, it was a hard decision, but I am glad I went with you. Cody took the time to discuss everything with me, and I did not feel rushed or hurried. It was a pleasant experience, thank you.

- Michael W. (10/18/11)

Thank you for the part you sent. I just installed it. It's running well right now.

- Simeon O. (09/26/11)

It Runs Great, I couldn't be more pleased. Superior response with the help, and an outstanding product! But the best was the price, what a deal!! I was amazed that I was driving it the same day it was delivered. Thank you all Gold stars and cookies all around.

- Jonathan R. (09/14/11)

Great service...thank you!

- Dave S. (08/27/11)

Thank you and great product!

- Pete A. (01/17/11)

Hello, Just recieved my 110cc atv. Very pleased with the fast and smooth processing and delivery. My son is very excited as am I!


- William F. (01/17/11)

Received the part, wish you could have seen my sons face christmas morning, loves it!! Been riding it all afternoon, running great now. Thanks for getting the part so quick, all my neighbors wanting to know where I got it. Guess you will be getting some orders form this area soon, if not I know next xmas!

Thanks again

- Steven F. (01/06/11)

Good afternoon,

We purchased the 110 Youth 4 wheeler for our grandson for Christmas and he loves it!!! We could not be happier with the 4wheeler.

- Lindy L. (01/04/11)

Forget the previous message. I spoke with Trent in parts and he was very helpful. A+ to his attitude and efforts to help. Wish more people could be like him. Thanks again Trent.

- Keri P. (12/30/10)

Just wanted to say I am very happy with my purchase. Delivery was very fast and it was easy to get the ATV prepped and ready for Christmas morning. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone interested in an ATV. My grandson loves it! Thank you so much! Chris K. Mt. Upton NY

- Christina K. (12/30/10)

I just wanted to say thanks for a great product at a great price! I just purchased a Cobra Youth 110 for my 8 year-old son for Christmas, and after I showed him how to safely handle the machine, He rode from 8AM to 6PM on Christmas day. We still can't wipe the grin off his face! Thanks Again!

- Mark H. (12/27/10)

WickedRocket, just want to thank you for everything your company did for me. The 110cc atv came VERY QUICKLY with the shipping service FASTER than I expected.The truck company called the morning of the delivery, and provided EXELLENT SERVICE. I ordered a week before Christmas and recived it on Dec. 22 PERFECT timing...Thanks Again for EVERYTHING will send pics soon. ;-)

- Murray H. B. (12/27/10)

First off....AWESOME!!! Pretty stoked and you guys where indeed very quick!

- Wyatt T. (12/22/10)

Part came in and mounted right up. Works like a charm. Thanks for your efforts and customer service. My son thanks you as well!

- Kevin C. (12/21/10)


- Alvis D. (12/20/10)

I would like to thank you guys for an awesome ATV and my son will too on Christmas morning, we ordered the Venom 110 Big Tire model.

- Mario L. (12/14/10)

I received a Red and Blue ATV all crated up just as I had read about. We had them both running in just a little under three hours.

"I think this will be the best Christmas ever".


- Dennis M. (12/14/10)

Thank you guys. I appreciate you doing that so quickly. I am very grateful. If I could I would buy yall lunch. My girls will be fired up this Christmas. Thank ya

- James T. (12/04/10)

Got it today. Wow, looks great, perfect for my son

- Anthony R. (12/03/10)

The Wicked Crew, Thank you again, I find it refreshing that you would actually suggest less expensive models and also to purchase from another vendor a helmet to ensure proper fit of both the atv and helmet for our grandson. I just placed an order for the Spidey 110 Youth, I am sure he will love it. Thanks once again, Patrick H.

- Patrick H. (12/02/10)

Yup. thanks. I love working with your company. Your Wicked Crew is a great bunch of people.

- Susan T. (11/30/10)

Thankyou for your good business, nothing but good feed back from me.

- Ryan M. (11/28/10)

Wicked Crew,

You guys are wickedly awesome!! Just received delivery of my new Venom 110 MidSize REVERSE model and WOW!! is about the only thing I can say. All my neighbors, and myself, can't believe the product we received for the price that I paid. Good Job gentleman, I will be back for more.

- Bryan A. (11/15/10)

We purchased one for our daughter six months ago and since then our friends and family has gotten 3 more from you. The kids love them and spend all day trail riding or just cruising around the lawn. I am sure we will be coming back for more as they grow.

- Jeffrey M. (10/12/10)

My husband and I just purchased two of the Venom's for our sons. We received them within three weeks and it was like Christmas in July for our boys. What assembly was needed was extremely simple and they were able to hop on and ride them in no time. Thanks to the Wicked Crew for such a great product at such a reasonable cost. You helped to make two little boys very happy :0) The Rogers Family

- The Rogers Family (09/29/10)

I got this for my son's 6th b-day. It was a huge hit. He loves it and I love it. His cousin plans on getting one for his birthday. I shopped around and similar models sell for about $1,500 - $2,000, and these are two cycle engines. My son is very sensitive to load noises, and the wicket rocket was extremely quiet. He has no problems.

Thanks, Bob D.

- Bob (09/14/10)

I got it a while back and I already put it together but my son can't see it untill his birthday on 8/11. it runs cool, it's wicked!!, thanks.

Reynold G.

- Reynold (08/07/10)

Hey Wicked Crew: This Venom 110 Mid Size is awesome; my kids just love it, thanks a million for your low prices and quick delivery.

P.S. The ATV even fits me, and I like to ride it also

- Mike S (08/03/10)

Wicked Crew: Our granddaughter got our money's worth, from our ATV, the first visit to the ranch. Thanks for the cool stuff. Dana

- Dana S (07/29/10)

Just wanted to THANK to ALL of you at Wicked Rocket. The four wheeler made my son's birthday. It runs great!!!

Thanks for the fast shipment as well... it arrived a week earlier then expected giving us time to assemble and test our ATV.

I look forward to purchasing from you again and will definitely recommend you to others.

- Colleen (07/18/10)

The quad is great the kids LOVE the quad, if they could get it into their bedroom they would probably sleep on it.

- Mark P (07/11/10)

We got our 4wheeler and it is great. The service is outstanding, and so is the communication from the Wicked Crew. My son was riding 10 minutes. The quaility is much better than I had expected. My wife wants to order a 250 for herself, but wants it in pink (thank God you don't offer it). I'm sure we'll be ordering again as well as my friends. Terry B

- Terry B (07/04/10)

Hello! FABULOUS! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I ordered my son's ATV on June 11 - you were prompt and followed up with emails to let me know that you received my order, a copy of the bill, notice that it was at the shipping center, notice of the tracking number....On June 14 I received a phone call that it was coming on Monday & arranged a time and drop off. The ATV is FANTASTIC! I fought my husband on this one saying that my son was too small for this - I'm glad he talked me into it. We governed it down and my husband is teaching him to ride. There was practically nothing to do except take it out of the box (hee hee which by the way took longer than getting the handlebars & battery ready - you packaged it fantastic - not a spec on it - mint condition - my husband loved the steel crate (he's an iron ore miner!) - go figure) ANYWAY - to make a long email short. I will recommend your website to EVERYONE I know. Of course now I have to go out and order riding gloves and a jersey for my son...but that's another story. When my younger son is ready for his ATV you can be assured I'll be ordering from you again. Thank You!

- Bridget (07/02/10)

I am just writing to tell you how excellent your customer service is. If there is anyone who is concerned with warranty and customer service, dont be. I can honestly say that I dont get this good of service at my local MegaLo Mart... Thanks to all the people at wicked rocket who have kept my kids quad experience a pleasurable one..

- Jo (06/28/10)

Hi guys, just a note of thanks to the whole crew, recieved the Python 110 I ordered for my grandson' s birthday today WOW was that a very fast delivery in only 4 days- already have it put together and running like a top ready for his birthday party this sunday he is going to be one very happy and surprised little guy. You guys are awesome!!!! the wife wants one now so i will be back for another one all you described and more really good quality machine i will spread the word for you guy's thanks again.

- Tom (06/21/10)

To Wicked Crew,

Received our little Cobra 110 ATV and have it assembled and ready for my grandson to arrive tomorrow. The freight company did a very fine job of delivery, these people are top rate.

Thank you for the great service and fast shipping. Your staff was great to to do business with.

Again, thanks for the great service. I will and have reccomended you to my friends.

- Denny (06/12/10)

I bought a Cobra 110 for my granddaughter. Expected a toy for this low price. Got a full blown ATV. WOW what a bargain. After a year I needed a replacement gas tank. Got a no BS reply that a gastank was on the way and guess what??? Got One fow a great price. FANTASTIC customer support. It just doesn't get any better than this.

- Tom (06/06/10)

Thanks for the great four wheeler. Everyone was surprised when they saw it. They could not believe the deal I got on it. Thank you for the great deal. It runs great and is good on gas. Just what I needed for next hunting season.

- Wendy (05/23/10)


- Penny (05/18/10)

I finally could make a promise that I can keep. I promise my son that I would get him a atv this year. Thanks to you I really can keep my promise through your easy layaway plan. I have a really happy son now . Thank YOU!!

- Dorothy (05/04/10)

I have refered some friends to this web site. Down here in Tennessee these things are $850-900 easy, and no payment plan. This is a great thing you all are doing and I am very pleased

- Jennifer (04/26/10)

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for a great product. My son Jeremy loves his quad. He has had it for almost a year and it is still running great...even after all the mudd'n he does. Here is a cool pic of him on his 110. Thanks again and will continue giving out your name and website.

- The Villa Family (04/11/10)

Received the Fang 110 Last week and we are so impressed with it. Our son loves it and we can't get him off of it and that is pretty much all that mattered but now our other sons want a new one also, but we need to get bigger ones for them. It was such a pleasure to deal with you people. I am recommending you guys to everyone.

- The Coopers (04/02/10)

My son loves his new Cobra,and I loved the price and the super service and the really fast shipping. I hope you guys are around for awhile, I look forward to doing more business with the Wicked Crew when my other son is old enough to ride and daddys got a little girl on the way also!! Maybe one day I can treat myself to some cool stuff, huh?!! Thanks again I've been telling all my friends and coworkers about your site hope you will gain more business from them. THANKS TO YOU ALL

- Kelly (03/26/10)

Arrived, is awesome!!!!! I already told 10 of my coworkers to order one for their kids as well (even gave them your web site address)......top notch quality!!!! I plan to order another one in the next 60 days. Terrific service! Best price!

- Michael (03/14/10)

Received the pink 50cc for my daughter and she loves it! Great service. Wonderful product.

- Mike (03/08/10)

Just wanted to give you guys a huge thank you. As a kid, I always wanted what I couldn't have, and now as a mom it is so awesome to be able to give to my boys what I never had. The website was so helpful and EASY. You guys rock! Good Luck in all your business and THANKS a million. You helped make a little boys dream come true in a matter of minutes.

- Lynette (03/02/10)

My son just grinned from ear to ear when we opened the barn doors and he saw his new four wheeler! It arrived the very day of his birthday, too! He's out riding it now (with supervision from Dad, of course). My other son is already wanting his own, but for now big brother lets him ride his. The features are great. If the boys get too crazy on it...hit the remote kill switch! We'll be back to get more cool stuff from Wicked Rocket!

- The Paduch Family (03/01/10)

Wow that was quick. Your advertisement said 12 to 14 days and we got the 4 wheeler in less than 7. Way to go Guys!!

- Kasey (02/18/10)


- William (02/10/10)

I just bought a Cobra 50 for my 6 year old for his birthday. To see the excitement in his face was absolutely priceless. I am letting all of my friends who ride know about your site. Thanks again for the great product and service.

- Paul (02/02/10)

I just purchased my first atv for my son. I would like to thank you very much. It is awesome, and I just want to thank all of you. Thank you very much for making a boys birthday wish come true.

- Alyssa (01/27/10)

We got my son the Fang 110 for Christmas and he loves it!

- Dwayne (01/14/10)

Cameron loves his ATV. He is always on it & getting muddy. Thanks for having such great prices. We tell everyone about wickedrocket.com Thanks again

- Rebecca (01/09/10)

Thanks for fast delivery and great service. The t-shirt is nice too!!!

- Kamala (01/02/10)

This is a great ATV. Don't know if I've ever seen a better bargin in my life. Keep up the good work.

- The Lee Family (12/28/09)

- The Canadays (12/27/09)

Hey Guys,

I bought my daughter a pink 110cc 4 wheeler from you for Christmas. Shipping was on time, price was great and Santa made quite an impression on my daughter. Just wanted to thanks for a great product at a fantastic price. Below is a pic.

Thanks Again!

- Diana (12/27/09)

I received the 70cc four-wheeler model I ordered today and it looks great! Thanks Alot.

- Nancy (12/22/09)

Hello, my name is David and I recently bought the Cobra 110. So far we have just loved our new little four wheeler and our son is just nuts over it!

- David (12/18/09)

Dear Wicked Rocket Crew,

I was so impressed with your product that I ended up with a total of four! Now the entire family can ride their very own ATV for a fraction of the price it would have cost to buy the overpriced "name brand" ATVs. The selection was terrific with both size/performance variety and styles. Thanks so much for the outstanding service and genuine help with my family's needs.

Warm regards

- DJ (12/14/09)

I've ordered products on the internet before, but never something as large as two atv's. I was skeptical of delivery methods, timeliness of delivery, product quality, and support (parts, advice) once the sale was made. You've washed away all of my fears as you have followed through with everything you claimed and did so with first rate customer service. I don't often make recommendations, as most companies fall short of my standards. However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wicked Rocket to anyone.

- Jeremy (12/12/09)

Just wanted to say thank you to ALL of you there. Good to see that customer service still means something. Kids love the quads and don't want to get off them. The only time they do is when they run out of gas! Thanks again on a job well done and we will be ordering more from you and we have recommended our friends to you.

- John (12/10/09)

Thank you for the good price.

- Debbie and Ray (12/09/09)

Hi I want to say thank you for the fast shipping on an awesome 4 wheeler. I ordered it on a Thursday and it was at my house on Wednesday. My children love it I'm thinking about one more so they can ride together. Thank you

- Scott (12/07/09)

The ATV arrived yesterday and its awesome. Thanks so much. It runs great.I'll be ordering more from you guys.

- Jeff (12/02/09)

WOW! You guys are awesome! Customer here for LIFE!

Thanks again Wicked Crew!

- Marty (12/02/09)

Just wanted to give the Wicked Crew a big THANK YOU! My son's dirt bike was delivered on time and as promised. My son said on his birthday "This is the best day of my life". Customer service was awesome. I'll tell everyone about you guys. I'm also eye-ballin' one of the ATV's for myself. (Hey, can't let the kids have all the fun)! Thanks again guys, you have satisfied customers here for sure.

- Carla (11/23/09)

Hi. I purchased your 110cc ATV for my son for his birthday. I am very pleased with your product (and so is he to say the least).

- Tom (11/17/09)

My kid absolutely loves his Cobra, as you can tell by the attached picture. Thanks for the great service and great price.

- The Sanders (11/10/09)

Dear Cool Stuff Delivery Guys, Office Guys, Telephone Guys & Everyone Else at Wicked Rocket, Well you were right!! You Guys ROCK!! You sent my Cool Stuff so Quick and it's soooo cool that we have told all our friend's and YES we are gonna buy more COOL STUFF!! We want a bigger one so my kid stops cryin every time I take his! I was really amazed at the customer service too.......All I had to do was tell the guy I'm blonde and he talked me thru everything step by step! Awesome! lol Thanks again, Loyal customer and still blonde, Debbie

- Debbie (11/02/09)

Everything arrived in one piece and the quad runs like a champ. My kid loves it. I got a kick out of stopping the engine with the remote too, he hates that. Thanks, you guys do rock.

- Nick (10/26/09)

Thank's for such a great product & taking care of your customers!

- Gary (10/14/09)

The 125c.c. Dirt Bike is awesome. It really moves.

- The Mayfields (10/05/09)

Hey Wicked Crew! I just wanted to say that your layaway plan rocks! No set payment schedules made it easy to make payments on our budget when convenient for us. It took less than 2 weeks to get our quad once the balance was paid and it was easy as pie. Our Daughter loves the bike! Especially the pink color, You guys Rock! Thanks again.

- Michael (10/03/09)

Thank you! to all the people at wicked rocket that made sure my sons Christmas was great. I was very worried being so close to christmas but my atv was delivered just as promised. I called back after delivery for questions and support and was amazed at how attentive and polite your staff was. I have already informed every potential atv owner or parent that I would never buy from any online store but wicked rocket. Thanks again!!!

- William (01/10/10)

The ATV arrived in excellent condition, with more cool stuff on it than we imagined! Our son loved it, to say the least!

Thanks for an excellent product and excellent service!

- Amber (09/10/09)

We purchased a Kamakazi 90 for our daughter she loves it.

- Jennifer (09/02/09)

Thank you guys for your quick shipping! My boy loves it.

- Dan (08/14/09)

Wicked Rocket Crew,

My Grandson really likes his 4-wheeler that we got him! He was really surprised. Thanks for everything!

- Brenda (08/06/09)

I received the Kamakazi 90 quickly and before the due date (her birthday). The machine works very well!

- Ron (07/21/09)

I want to thank you for my atv. My son absolutely loves it.

- Florence (07/14/09)

We received the 4 wheeler we ordered for Christmas from you guys. Gave it to the kids on Christmas!! They loved it!!

- Danielle (01/05/10)


- Jim (01/05/10)

My husband and I are 110% satisfied with your product and your service. My children love their ATV!

My half brother thought he got a good deal on his daughters ATV until we told him about Wicked Rocket -- then he changed his mind.

Wicked Rocket rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Regina and Michael (01/03/10)

Got the 4 wheelers thanks for kicking butt to get them here before Christmas. Really Hot 4 wheelers :)

- Heath (01/03/10)


- Brick and Ron (01/03/10)

Thank you wicked crew my son got a atv for christmas and is very happy with it. I really appreciate getting it before christmas. Wish you more business in the future with great customer service that you have. Thank you

- Adrian (01/03/10)

Thanks, my daughter loves her new 4 wheeler. Its really nice and great transaction, quick shipment Thanks Again!

- John (01/03/10)

We love the dirt bike and atv we ordered from you great quality and excellent prices. Also we broke a fender of one and you were very quick on sending us a new one. Great customer service!

- John and Michelle (12/29/09)

My kids were completely in awe as I assembled the few parts needed for thier function. After checking all the fluids and filling with gas. I went over all the details of operation and then they were in thier glory for the next four hours. Thanks. If I had to purchase an ATV from a local dealer I would have only been able to afford one for them to share. Don't worry I have already spread the 411 on you guys and when they see what we purchased I'm sure you see some bussiness from our part of the country.

- Tom (12/30/09)

The dirt bike is great. My son really likes it. I am considering buying the 200 ATV for myself so I can ride with him.

- Mike (12/29/09)

Hi Guys, just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your 50cc red Scooter. Our granddaughter loved it, and has been on it every day. The shipping was fast and just as promised. We were so happy with the ATV that I just ordered another one for our other granddaughter, a blue one this time. Sure beats the prices at the local dealer. Thank you!

- Vickie (12/29/09)

Received the Kamakazi 110 in great shape and just in time for christmas... my grandson was very happy..The Wicked Rocket Crew is great to deal with on the phone and on-line..fast reponses..this is the second Kamakazi I bought from you and I am sure I will be back..THANKS AGAIN

- Kimberly (12/28/09)

Hey, Thanks for the fast shipping. This was the best Christmas present my boys received. I am just disappointed that I did not order 2. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone. Thanks Shawntele

- Shawntele (12/28/09)

Yes we did get our cool stuff, and my kids love it!

Thank you very much and you can bet I will be telling everyone about you guys, I have 4 kids and my two yougest we couldnt get them off all Christmas Day and the older two had to wait lol

- Timothy (12/28/09)

Hello Wicked Rocket, I received my Yellow 110cc ATV on 12/22/09 as promised. My eight year old daughter was so excited on Christmas morning that she was ready to ride in a 35 degree rain. Four days later, my 2 acre yard now looks as if it was used as a mud bog race course. Oh well. I can expect everday that my little girl will say "Daddy, Can I ride my four wheeler?"...... I am just as happy as she is....Thank you Wicked Rocket for making this an important and successful milestone in our lives.

- Richard (12/28/09)

Wicked Rocket Crew, Perfect and just in time for Christmas. Thanks very much!!! Great customer service and response to requested updates on the shipping. So, far, I AM VERY IMPRESSED and WOULD BUY FROM YOU GUYS AGAIN.

- John (12/28/09)

Just wanted to let you guys know that my son loved his 4 wheeler that Santa brought him.

- Christie (12/28/09)

Thank you so much Wicked Rocket Crew! My daughter loves her green Raven 110. She was grinning ear to ear as she rode it around on Christmas Day! Thank you for your quick shipping. I received our ATV in only 1 week after I completed payment of my layaway. You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work and I will definitely be ordered my own ATV from you after the New Year!

- Carol (12/28/09)

My little kid LOVES riding it, matter of fact, has been on it EVERY day since Christmas, can't get enough.....

- Chuck (12/28/09)

Thanks for getting my order in before the holidays. The kids got to ride early.

- Ed (12/28/09)

Hey guys, My kids loved their 4 wheelers. They were shocked. I've had lots of comments on them!

- Kevin (12/28/09)

Thanks for the two atv's the kids love them. We love the remotes haha!!!

- Danny (12/28/09)

Hi Guys..... Christman went great, the kids loved the bikes

- Cote (12/28/09)

THANK YOU!! The ATV was delivered before Christmas as was promised. The quad looked great. My son went nuts on Christmas morning! He hasn't gotten off of the thing except to eat and sleep. I am very impressed by the quality of the quad for the price I paid. I am also very impressed with Wicked Rocket!!

- Ben (12/27/09)

What a great family gift. The kids are having a ball.

- John (12/27/09)

Thank you all at Wicked Rocket for the speedy delivery of the 110. I did the minor assembly last night, and at 6:45 am the kids were humming along. It has been running for about 3 1/2 hrs today to everyone's great pleasure. My wife and I are elated with the safety features and the kids have been walking on clouds all day. No more charging batteries that won't last one day! Thanks again, it could not have been a bigger hit!!!

- Chad and Kim (12/27/09)

Thank you for getting my delivery to me by christmas.

- Jim (12/27/09)

I was a little stressed about the delivery but you guys came through and delivered before Christmas like you promised. The kids are just loving their new ATVS. Thanks Job Well Done!

- Brock (12/26/09)

The quads are GREAT!! Thank you for shipping so fast!!! Thanks- we will defiantly be getting more stuff from you soon!

- Kim (12/26/09)

We love it........ I'll tell everyone!!

- Pam (12/26/09)


- Jackie (12/26/09)

Hey dudes and dudettes,

We received our order on 12/23/05 as promised. Thanks, you guys kick ass!!! Happy New Year !!!

- Carolyn and Lex (12/26/09)

HEY Wicked Rocket Crew 70cc atv is great, daughter loves it.

- Scott (12/26/09)

Hey thanks for the cool stuff and having it here by christmas. Have a happy holiday season!!!

- Paul (12/24/09)

Just wanted to let you know that we love the ATV and we know our son will be very happy on Christmas morning.

- Kesia (12/24/09)

You guys were great! FAST shipping and quads are beautiful! Thanks!

- Kim (12/26/09)

You guys rock. Quality- bike is better then expected! fast delivery. i couldn't wait till x mas to give to son. Were going out riding now! I will definitely buy from you again. thanks

- Bubba (12/23/09)

Hey Wicked Rocket, Great quad, and I was worried that it would not come in time for Christmas, well kudos to you guys and thanks a bunch, the quad is everything and more then we expected the assembly was easy we just need the gas now!

- Joanne (12/23/09)

Awesome ATV for the $$ could buy a new one every year for 3 years with the cost of 1 Honda!!!!!!!!!

- Joe (12/23/09)

My hats off to you all on a job well done. You said it, you did it.

- The Buttles (12/22/09)

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I My son will be very happy Christmas morning! Thanks again.

- Jessica (12/22/09)

Hey Guys. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and an awesome product. We purchased an ATV from you guys and its so cool. Our son is going to be so excited!!! At first I was a little worried ordering something over the Internet but I took the chance. It goes to show you that there are still good people out there with great merchandise and great prices! Thank you so much and we will recommend you to lots of people(hell the product speaks for itself).

- The Cole family (12/22/09)

The four-wheeler works great! Thank you for getting it here before Christmas. I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

- Amanda (12/22/09)

Hi Wicked, I received it and assembled it within 30 minutes. It started almost immediately. We can't wait to see our son's reaction when he sees it Christmas morning. Thanks for all the great communication with tracking numbers and question.

- Richard (12/22/09)

Thanks so much for your help. It is going to be a wonderful Christmas Present.

- Tara (12/22/09)

Thanks Guys,great service!

- Charlie (12/22/09)

Thank you for the great service!

We've already given your name to family members who are looking for cool toys also.

Everything went smoothly and there wasn't a hitch.

Thanks for making our Christmas easier!

- Renee (12/22/09)

Much better then expected!!! I received the ATV in less then a week from when the order was placed online!!! My son is going to freak out on Christmas Day!! Thanks -- You guys are amazing and excellent communication. I'll be back for another when our 2nd is a little older!

- Brenda (12/22/09)

The ATV is a big hit with my son, and thank you all for the quick shipment and good service. I highly recommend your business to anyone, anytime and anywhere!

- Alan (12/22/09)

Thank you soooo much for all of your help...I can't wait until Christmas morning to see how excited my kids are going to be! I really appreciate all the work you did to get the atv's to me before Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!!!

- 12/22/09 (Chala )


- Lori (12/21/09)

The ATV arrived yesterday and it all looks great. Assembly shouldn't be a big deal and I'm pretty sure that the grandson is going to have a great Christmas thanks to you guys. Thank you for all your help and for being so responsive.

- Craig (12/21/09)

Thank you for the quick and friendly service.

- Nicholas (12/21/09)

Thank you so much for the awesome atv's i ordered for kids they will be so surprised when they see them Christmas morning. All my son wanted was a atv for christmas and Wicked Rocket was the best prices all around.I wish everyone could be here to see there faces. Im sure it will be Priceless again thank you so much for the serivce and helpfulness Thank you and Merry Christmas to all

- Shannon (12/21/09)

I have recieved my order. You are going to make a little boy happy for x-mas. Thanks, Melissa

- Melissa (12/21/09)

Thanks again for the way you handled my order! I know you went out of your way to help me, and my grandson will very happy because of the time you took to help me. Thanks again

- Ray (12/21/09)

Hey guys,

Santa Express delivered my daughters ATV yesterday. I have to tell you guys your pictures absolutely do not do your product justice! The ATV is so cute, and pink my daughter is going to be one happy kid come Christmas morning. You guys are the best thanks!

- 12/21/09 (Patricia)

Thanks for the prompt delivery, it was great dealing with you. Thanks again for the great deal!

- Alan (12/21/09)

Thanks to all at Wickedrocket that help me with my order. The bike was received in good order, I'm waiting to finish work to start it up. I'm sure my daughter will love it.

- Ralph (12/15/05)

Thanks for the new toy. We received it yesterday and put it together last night and also took it for a spin. We really like it and can't wait to show the kids on Christmas if we can keep it a secret that long. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

- The Meyer's (12/15/05)

Thanks Wicked Rocket everything went as planned, my grandson will be very happy Christmas Day and I will tell my friends about you!

- Micheal (12/15/05)

I just received my sons kamakazi 70. Wow this thing cost about 1400 dollars less than a Suzuki the same size.Itold a friend and the next day he ordered one for his kid.You guys were great and the atv was exactly as advertised!!!!!!!! THANKS R. LESTER FROM MISSISSIPPI

- R. LESTER (12/14/05)

Thank you so much for a great transaction. The fourwheeler is awesome. My son is going to be the happiest lil boy come christmas morning. You guys were great to comunicate with us and the shipping was so fast. Thanks again for a great transaction. Definitly will recomend to everyone I know!!!!

- Jennifer (12/14/05)

I just want to thank everyone at Wicked Rocket for making my son's birthday the best one to date. We didn't know if it was going to be a birthday or Christmas gift but it arrived on his birthday and he was soooo excited. It recently snowed here and he is already doing "donuts"! Also, everyone that comes over to see it wants to get one for their kid.

- 12/12/05 (Sherri)

Yes, we have received our toy!! Delivery was much quicker than I anticipated. I cannot wait to see my son's reaction on Christmas day. Thanks for making it possible for him to have what he really wanted at an economical price!

- Amy (12/12/05)


Got the ATV - looks great -- haven't taken out of box yet. You guys are the greatest. Will recommend to all of my friends. I am sure they will want one after they see this one.

Thanks for all the e-mails


- Sandy (12/12/05)

Hey WICKED, OUTSTANDING!!!!!! You guys are great!!!!! I will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you for making my Christmas Merry! Rogers

- Rogers R (12/10/05)

Wicked Crew: Very cool stuff, Thank you again. The ATV is for a special reaserch project. I'll send you guys pictures of the first stage of the robotics progress. Tom

- Tom H. (12/09/05)

Wicked Rocket Crew, The 4 wheeler we purchased was great. The kids will love it on Christmas morning. Thanks for the easy lay away plan and the fast delivery. Thank you, Josh- Pineville, Mo

- Josh (12/08/05)

Hey Crew!!!! Received the bike on Friday----SWEET!!!!! It looks awesome! I'll let you know what the kids think at X-mas. Thanks again Crew!

- Bernard (12/07/05)

I received my delivery yesterday, and I am thrilled about how fast you guys shipped my package. I’m really pleased. I will spread the word about your company to my friends. Thank you very much for your professionalism.

- Aby (12/07/05)

You should have seen cashmere’s eyes light up when I wheeled it in. She had so much fun with it. and you guys rock for having the only pink quad that I have found on the net. Something for the girls ya know. You made one little girl very happy cause I have been searching for a pink one for months. And the flames kick ass too. Anyways, I will be looking forward to doing business with you again. Until next time. Have a great one.

- The Deans (12/07/05)

Yes, we received the 4 -wheeler last Tuesday 11-29-05 .We got it put together and I just had to ride it myself. We bought it for our son for Christmas. He is going to love it... Thanks, Wicked Rocket you guys are the best. We will be telling all our friends about you guys. When in need of another, we will definiately be buying from you. Again Thanks for the awesome ATV and fast delivery. The Melvins

- The Melvins (12/06/05)

Hey guys, i finally got the time to assemble the ATV and it runs great. I am very impressed and have thought about ordering me one so that i could ride with my child sometimes. I am sure you all will be hearing from other people b/c i have been giving your website to everyone. You can't find a better deal anywhere else. Thank you all for helping me make my child's christmas a little more special. I know her face will light up as soon as she sees it.

- Connie (12/06/05)

Your the best I love wicked rocket

- Mike (12/05/05)

I received my stuff, and my son loves it! Put it together, gassed it up, and started without a problem. Many of the neighbor kids came around over the weekend, and of course I sent the parents to your site.

- Nick (12/05/05)

Wicked Rocket Crew, just a note to tell you I received my Kamakazi 110 sooner than I expected to, this is great service and I am IMPRESSED with the Bike. Truly I had my doubts about the quality, but after I opened it up and started to assemble it I was very pleased with everything. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions when I placed my order. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone interested, and I will remain a customer in the future.

- Billy (11/30/05)

We just wanted to let you know that we received the 2 helmets we ordered and they are awesome!!!!! They are the coolest helmets we have seen!! I know our grandchildren are going to love them!

- Stephen (11-29-05)

Just wanted to thank you guys for the service. You did everything you said! I am very pleased and am sending people to your site everyday.

- Frank (11/28/05)

Hey Guys! Just finished taking the 4 wheeler for a test spin, you know before the kids get it for Christmas... That thing is awesome!!! They are going to love it.. I originally ordered one because I was unsure of what I would be getting for such a "cheap" price and planned on the girls sharing...but I can buy two for the price of a "name" brand..so I will be ordering another one this week. I also have a friend down the street that wants to get one for his son and he is coming over to check it out so you might as well consider two more sold...Thanks again

- Trina (11/28/05)

Wicked Rocket is great. I got exactly what I expected and what was shown on thier site. I bought a Quad and Go Cart from another site at the same time, well the quad showed up all beat-up and the Go cart was different than thier picture. Boy, I am sure glad I saved that couple of bucks and bought from Wicked Rocket. Thanks Wicked Rocket Crew.

- Doug (11/28/05)

Well thanks alot Wicked Crew,I will reccomend you to every one I know. Have a great holiday season!! I cant get my son off of the cool stuff.

- Shane W (11/25/05)

I am taking the time out to comment you all on a wonderful job you've done on the pocket bikes. They were purchased for my children for Christmas. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I had to test them out before the children got them and they are very quick. Also the customer service that I received was fantastic. You all went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you all so much for everything and I am so looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Tyrone W. (11/25/05)

Dear Wicked Crew:

The ATV we received it GREAT!

- Brady B (11/25/05)

I recieved my atv today and it really looks sharp I'm certain that our little girl will love her Christmas this year!

- Hubbard (11/25/05)

Everything is okay! My son is going to go nuts on Christmas Morning!!!!!

- Larry (11/25/05)

I received my son's Outlaw 90 ATV within 2 weeks of payment using lay-away. I'm sure he will love it for Christmas. I recommend you guys to everyone I know that's in the ATV market. Thanks Wicked Rocket!!

- Russ (11/23/05)

It brings a tear to my eyes.... When i begin to realize... My kamakazi 90 is the perfect size... To bring a smile to my little guys... All thanks to you... The wicked crew!for all you do... This poem is for you


- Jay in Texas (11/17/05)

Hello "Wicked Crew", We received the Kam.90 for my sons b-day. You should have seen his face! PRICELESS! It's awesome. He's soooo excited to have a 4-wheeler. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. Take care and keep up the awesome work! Sharene (mom of the happiest kid on the planet!)

- Sharene (11/17/05)

We received our atv last week and it is awesome, I wish I could tell you how much our boys like it! My husband loves it!!! You guys are awesome, helpful and true to your word. Super fast shipping. When we are ready to buy our 2nd one, it will definately be from you!!

- Tonya (11/16/05)

I would just like to say the two atv's I bought this summer was the best money i have every spent, my grandkids will not stay off of them. I would like to tell you we have been telling everone about you hope you sell a lot more.

- Phyllis (11/16/05)

Thanks to all at wicked rocket, I bought my daughter her first 4 wheeler from you guys she absolutely loves it we can’t keep her off it. Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!!!!!!

- Mark (11/16/05)

My grandson's Christmas gift arrived this morning. Everything looks great. He will enjoy this "toy" very much.

- Judy (11/16/05)

The atv arrived today, it looks great. I know my daughter will love it. Many of my fellow co-workers love it to!! Thanks

- Brian (11/16/05)

Wicked Crew,

Thanks for the gift. It's my little boys santa clause gift.

I will probably order another one for my daughter. I have told alot of people about this website...and will continue doing it...thank God for ya'll!!!

Thanks Alot

- Diane (11/16/05)

I would like to thank you for getting my order delivered today. So crew you take care and have a Merry Christmas.

- Dale Mc (11/15/05)

My grandson's Christmas gift arrived this morning. Everything looks great. He will enjoy this "toy" very much.

- Judy H. (11/15/05)

We received the ATV and appreciate the quick delivery! My daughter can't wait to take it for a ride!!!

- Emma (11/15/05)

I got my daughter an ATV at the first of the year. It has been great she doesn't ride it every day, but when she wants to we just get it choked up and ready to ride when its gets warmed up, it stays cranked. Sheloves it! We havent had any proplems

- Rhonda (11/15/2005)

You people are sooo cool! Thanks a bunch!

- 11/15/05 (Misty)

Thank you for providing a great service and we have told everybody we know to buy from WickedRocket!!!!!!

- Scott (11/15/05)

We received the ATV. My son loves it!!

- Frederick (11/14/05)

Thank you for you great service

- Josh (11/14/05)

I got the cool stuff I ordered in quickly, thanks.

- Sean (11/11/05)

It's that time of year again; last year the Wicked Crew really cared about my son's cool stuff and busted butt to get it here to us on time. I have told so many friends about what you guys did and hope this year will be as good as the last.

- Karen (11/10/05)

Thank you sooooooooooo much! Your company is sure a good company. These days that's hard to come by and I just wanted you to know I appreciate the extra mile you guys go. I would buy from you again and again and not have a worry. Referring you to other people is a pleasure. Thanks again. Gratefully yours, Ruth

- Ruth (11/08/05)

You guys rock!

- Sara (11/04/05)

thanks for the great atvs...... you guys are the best

- Cote (11/04/05)

just wanted to thank you for the quad!!! my daughter is hearing impaired and we got the quad for her. she is having a blast on it but more important is that it is so quiet that she can hear us over the sound of the quad. thanks again and my brothers are going to be getting with you to get one for their kids too!!!

- malynda (11/04/05)

Wicked Cool,I will definitely buy more products in the future. Thanks and have a great day

- Jeff (11/03/05)

Thank you very much! I love it. I just know my step-daughter will enjoy it too!

- Kari (11/03/04)

Thanks for the quick shipment and wonderful price. I have recommended ya'll to lots of other people!

- Jana (11/02/05)

I just wanted you to know that my daughter LOVES her new 4-wheeler. It's pink and has flame stickers, which we didn't think that it would have. She has been riding it ever since it arrived last Thursday. Thanks so much for your awesome prices! I'm sure that we have sent quite a few new customers your way. Thanks again!

- Jill (11/02/05)

You guys are awesome. I have never had a company answer my emails so quickly. Thanks again.

- Tonya (11/01/05)

I wanted to thank you! I could not believe that I recevied the shipment 2-4 weeks early! I love the Meercat 50 and can't wait to give it to my step-daughter for Christmas!

- Kari (10/27/05)


- Ed (10/27/05)

Hey Wicked Rocket Crew,

Thanks for doing what you do!

- Greg (10/27/05)

The Falcon 250 has been running great

- Jonathan (10/26/05)

I received my son's outlaw 90 very quickly. It looks really cool and I am sure that this will be the best present ever. Thanks for everything!!!

- Samuel G. (10/25/05)

THANKS for the fast delivery on the part my son is in heaven!!

- Lisa (10/21/05)

Thanks for the prompt service and the great prices, guys!!!

- Crystal (10/20/05)

We have received our ATV - Raven 150 and are very pleased with it. It arrived ahead of schedule and we have had no problems at all. A similar model at a local store was $600 more (plus tax). I am telling all our friends about this great deal.

- Kathy (10/20/2005)

My son's ATV is running great and we cannot get him off of it, it is a great little machine and I love the safety features it has, mainly the remote kill and start, again thanks a bunch guys (and girls).

- Mitch (10/20/05)

My son used to stay holed up in room for hours playing those damn video games. He looked like a little pasty,pudgy geek. He recieved his new kamakazi 55... now he is a buff, tanned atv riding stud!!! And I am pretty sure he likes girls now!Thank You so much!!!!

- Jay (10/20/05)

Thank you for the excellent service. My order arrived in less than a week. I can't wait to see my grandsons eyes on Christmas morning! Thanks again.

- Debbie (10/20/05)

I received my order and I am very satisfied. I feel you guys gave me the best price and I know my son will enjoy riding his new ATV! Thanks!!!

- Todd (10/20/05)

I wanted to let you know what an awesome experience we had dealing with your company! I couldn’t believe how quickly we received the 4 wheeler. We ordered it on Monday and received it on Friday. Now that’s what I call service! We’re telling all our friends about you. You should see your sales boost in the next couple of months around the Charlotte area. We’ll definitely buy from you again!

- Dawna (10/20/05)

Hey Guys, Thanks, the 50 got here so fast. I had it delivered to my sisters house because it's for my daughter for christmas. My sister says it looks really cool, I'll see it this weekend. She's gonna love it!

- MaryAnne (10/20/05)

We just gave our twins the Kamakazi 90 light tree camo 4-wheelers. We all love it. It is a fight over who drives it. Thank you all so much!

- Jennifer (10/19/05)

I just wanted to Thank You for everything you have done for me, my husband and especially my son. My husband put the ATV together this past weekend and we had my son riding it Sunday. He loves it. It is a smaller body that my husband and myself are used to seeing but it is perfect for my son for right now. We will have to update/invest in a bigger one within maybe 2 or 3 years depending on how fast my son grows but for now is fits him just perfect.

- 10/19/05 (Diane)

I would like to thank you very much for your prompt and wonderful response to my request. I truly appreciate your taking the time and responding. I will tell everyone I know about your website and products. I have been so very pleased. Thank you again. Sincerely, Cecily

- Cecily (10/19/05)

I bought one of the Meercat 50s last December. It has been a great bike for my son.

- Tim (10/19/05)

I have got to tell you that our new rocket is GREAT! It's for my grandson,but I took it for a spin, and I really like it. I'm going to order another one for my grand daughter. Thanks Again!

- GARLAND (10/14/05)

I am very pleased!! The ATV is a Christmas gift for my kids. I showed your site to my boss, and and he ordered one. I have shown the ATV to the guys at work and I know you will see more orders from them. My wife has shown people she works with and I think you will see orders from those folks too! We are pleased- thanks

- Russ (10/14/05)

I love my ride. Thanks Guys

- Giovanni (10/13/05)

Thanks.......love the cool stuff.

- Scott (10/13/05)

Thanks for getting it here so fast. It really is a neat bike. I will tell all my buddies to get one too. Thanks again.

- Ken J (10/13/05)


- Ronnie (10/13/05)

Thanks for the quick delivery, (5 days). I had it assembled and running with in an hour of delivery. Every thing seems to be good so far. I just have to hide it until Christmas!!! Nice doing business with you

- David (10/13/05)

I did receive the four wheeler it looks awesome.

- Scott (10/12/05)

Thanks for quick delivery.

- Jeffrey (10/12/05)

Thank you for the great price that I can afford with the free shipping! I told everybody and they can't hardly believe it! Thanks again

- Mike (10/11/05)


- The Silvas (10/11/05)

Very cool 4 Wheeler. Thanks again. My son wont leave it alone Thanks GJM

- GJM (10/11/05)

Hey Wicked Rocket Crew!! I received the helmets today and I must say they are really stylish (YOU GUYS AND GIRLS STAY COOL!)

- Terry and Julie (10/11/05)

Wicked Rocket Crew Thanks for the promptness of this order. You gave a 3 to 4 week delivery and we Received the package in a week and a half.

- Deborah (10/10/05)

This is the coolest starter 4 wheeler for my kids to learn on. Similar battery toys that are almost as expensive can't come close in comparison. My 2 young daughters want to ride it non stop. It was delivered and setup very quickly. Thank you

- Dwayne (10/10/05)

We received it yesterday and I must say that we probably have some more orders for you. Our friends were pretty impressed, for that price. So far we are pleased with your product and service. Thank you. Have a great day. Tammy & Jim

- Tammy & Jim (10/07/05)

My son Hunter loves his little Meercat...can't keep him off it! It's been a great machine. The guys @ Wicked Rocket were extremely helpful, informative & friendly. Also, what a great price- can't beat it!

- Jessica (10/07/05)

I did receive the machines, Thanks for the quick delivery. They look great

- Jeff (10/07/05)

just got the meercat 50 yesterday-in very good shape. it is a cool little machine and my daughters love it and want to ride it evry day,all day. good quality,easy to set up,easy to use and safe---runs like a champ. well,well worth it so far. thanks guys for such a good deal and not being so greedy like the huge corporations--we really appreciate it. also, i received my rocket in exactly 7 days (to very northern wisconsin) i may have to get a large one for me. thanks ya'll. sincerely,hodag

- Tony (10/07/05)

Hey guys thanks for the email. You kick ass.

- Mary (10/05/05)

We just received our ATV an it's great. It started right up and runs great. My boys don't want to stop ridding it. I am going to reccomend you to my neighbor as he is looking for an ATV for his son.

- Caroll (10/04/05)

I received my sons outlaw 55 yesterday. It arrived in great condition and is a very nice little machine, my son will be very happy at little sahara sand dunes in oklahoma this weekend. Thank You

- Mike (10/03/05)

this was the perfect gift for my son it showd up on his b-day party .he is awesome on this .what a worry free item so many options of safety.you just cant go wrong.thanx my family and i will be collecting many more toys (atv)

- Keith (10/03/05)

I already received my atv for my kid and I was very satisfied with youre product.My little boy is in love with his bike he can't seem to get enough of it thanks wicked rocket!

- Jose (10/03/05)

The new 90 outlaw arrived on thursday.....looks great...the kid loves it

- William (10/03/05)

Your layaway plan is great!!! Thanks, Ingrid

- Ingrid (10/03/05)

Thanks again for your help.

Both ATV's, I would like to say, are still working great. I have directed about 15 people to you and your site that were interested in ATV's. These people are from all over the U.S. that I meet in my business travels. If you ever need a spokesman, let me know, I have never had such a good experience with a company as I have you guys, thanks again I will continue to refer people to you and I will also be calling to buy more equipment. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!! Use this statement on your web site if you like.

- Tony (09/29/05)

Thank you best money I ever spent my kid loves it!!!!

- Amy (09/29/05)

Hey Wicked rockets, I got the 110 cc atv and my son loves it. I can even ride it and I'm 5'-10" 200lbs. I think it was a very good deal. I'm even thinking about maybe buying a 250cc for me.Thanks alot for everything. Daniel

- Daniel (09/27/05)

My kid has been riding his 50cc Meerkat through tall weeds, mud, ect non stop for about 2- weeks now and the little wheeler is holding up great. I've been into Atvs most of my life and my opinion is these machines are a great value.

- Pat (09/27/05)

The four wheeler is great. Our boys love it. We WILL be ordering from you again. Thanks so much, Danielle

- Danielle (09/26/05)

We gave our son the atv for his birthday. He loved it! He would ride it all the time if we let him. It arrived in plenty of time for his birthday and he thought it was the greatest ever. It is running great and the kids are driving the wheels off of it. Thank you for the great and fast service. Thanks, The Ontjes' --Hutchinson,KS

- The Ontjes' (09/26/05)

Thanks for the fast friendly service, I was real impressed with the product. It got here in good shape.

- Jim (09/26/05)

Dear Wicked Rocket Crew My daughter is having a blast with her new toy and now the whole family can go riding together. To see her flying around on the dirt trails makes a mom proud that she following in my footsteps. Thank-you again for selling a good product at a great price that we could afford. I am recommending you folks to everyone I talk too. Have a great day!! Darlene

- Darlene (09/26/05)

You guys rock! I appreciate everything and everyone.

- Gillbert (09/26/05)

The boy LOVES it, and it's hard to keep him off of it.

THANKS Richard

- Richard (09/26/05)

Wicked crew, Thank you very much for your prompt service in regards to my order it was much appreciated. Thanks again for all your help and great service. Thank You Very Much JohnnyRay

- JohnnyRay (09/23/05)

I love your website it is so funny. I told my husband I had to buy from you because you made me laugh!!!!

- Julia (09/23/05)

Yes I have recieved my ATV and my boys love it.

- Scott (09/23/05)

The Meercat, helmet and googles are great...My son loves the meercat!

- Lee (09/23/05)

Received the meercat50 last night and of course the suprised look on the childrens faces were priceless.

- Brian (09/23/05)

Thanks, man! Love your ATV"s

- James (09/22/05)

I just rec'd the Outlaw 90 today and assembled it. Couldn't believe how easy it was to start. Great job guys, my kid loves it.

- jim geiger (9-20-05)

Hey Matt, I wanted to say thanks, many times over, on the fast delivery of the 4 wheelers I bought from your company. With such short notice on my order, the 4 wheelers were there when I came home on leave from Iraq. My boys rode them the full 2 weeks I was home. Definately put a smile on their faces,and mine too. Hoping to do more business and highly reccomend your company and product.

Thanks alot,


- Sgt. See, Russell (09/19/05)

My compliments to you and your company.

- Terry (09/19/05)

Thanks for the quick response and keeping me informed so fast as to what is happening with my order, We surely cannot wait to see our 5 year old's eyes when he see's this one. May even send you a Picture :-) Thanks again.

- Mitch (09/19/05)

I purchased an Outlaw 55 from you. It arrived very quickly. Thanks

- Robert (09/19/05)

I bought the outlaw 90 for my kid....he frickin loves it. he rides the bastard all day long! now my wife and I have plenty of alone time....so we are going to need another one in about ten years nine months ...thanks again!(I think)-jay

- Jay and Family (09/19/05)

Hey thanks for keeping me updated. Not only is the website cool but so is the crew. Thanks, Elizabeth

- Elizabeth (09/19/05)

Can't wait to get my cool stuff...Matt has been excellent to work with..great guys! Looked at the same ATV at another dealer...I paid $848 from Wicked..they wanted $1899..you do the math!

- Brad (09/15/05)

Hey WR Crew, You guys really work fast!

- 09/14/05 (Misty Smiley)

Hello guys, My son loves his ATV. I've ordered more.

- Terry (09/13/05)

Thanks guys.I received the helmet I ordered from you yesterday.When you say fast shipping you really mean fast shipping.I really didn't expect it until next week.

- Ruth (09/12/05)

The 4 wheeler is a gift for my son for his birthday. The 4 wheeler is cool and we cannot wait to give it to him. Your speedy delivery and pricing is amazing. Thanks so much.

- Collin (09/09/05)

Wicked Rocket Crew,

We ordered a kazuma 50 ATV for our daughter's 6th birthday. We gave it to her a little early because of course we couldn't wait to see the look on her face. She loved her new 4-wheeler!!!! She rides it all over the place. We love it as well. I can honestly say that your company has made one little girls dreams come true (for the moment). Thank you so very much for the opportunity to see my little girl happy!!!!! Sincerly yours, Mike and Kindra (McArthur,Ohio)

- Mike and Kindra (09/08/05)

Everything is wonderful with my bikes.

- Mike (09/08/05)

Well, her birthday is tommorrow and you delivered in time, as you promised. We let her open it yesterday and ride it--she loves it. You guys are running a great show there and now the husband and I are getting ready to order a toy of our own from you. Temperance,Mi

- Shayla (09/08/05)

We requested reqular shipping which said that it could take up to 3-5 weeks. We were really amazed to see that we got our stuff in 3 business days! You all are great, my son loves his first 4-wheeler and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. I will recommend you to everyone that I possibly can! :) Thank you!!!!

- Heather (09/06/05)

I am writing to say thanks for the great atv.My kids love it.I also plan on buying another atv from you all because you have great deals and service.so once again thank you.I will tell other people of your service. sincerly Franklin.

- Franklin (09/06/05)

Thank you for sending my 4 wheeler out so fast. I really appreciate that.

- Darla (09/02/05)

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery on the wheel. My daughter is riding it and having fun.

- Richard (09/01/05)

Hello, I received my atv a week ago, and my kids love it!

- Christine (08/30/05)


- The Kents (08/30/05)

Jusy wanted to let you know that the quad arrived last thursday.Kids are having a blast. THANK YOU for all your help. I really appreciate it.

- Bill (08/30/05)

Recieved my turbo 55 yesterday, my son put 5 hrs on it as soon as i unloaded it!! pretty cool little wheeler, thanks wicked rocket!

- Eric (08/30/05)

Landon gives his Smile of Approval for the new family toy.

- Landon's Mom (08/29/05)

Wicker Rocket Crew,
The machine came on time and as advertised. My son is very happy as so am I. We went to the local ATV park this weekend and the Falcon threw alot of mud, climb alot of hills, got stuck, had alot of fun! For the price can't beat it. Thanks Again.

- Matt (08/29/05)

Thanks guys, we're having a blast!

- John (08/29/05)


Thank you so much for the awesome quad! We cannot wait to give it to our son for his birthday! The quad is wickedly cool!

- Becky (08/29/05)

Hey Wicked Rocket Crew,
Just wanted to let you guys know that we recieved my daughters A.T.V. on time , without a hitch, and she's ridden it every day since. The little quad looks great, and runs good too...

- The Goulione's (08/29/05)

We put the 110cc bike together this weekend,looks great and runs great.

- Albert (08/29/05)

Thanks for my son's ATV. He really loves it. We bought a Falcon 110 MKII. He is on it at least 4 hours a day. I already made him a trail on our 8 acres. The ATV appears to be good quality so I hope it holds up for a long time. Thanks again. I will definitely promote your website! Dave

- Dave (08/29/05)

I am very pleased with your company and how you deal with your customers.

- Robert (08/25/05)

You guys are awesome I never thought prices could be so cheap. I am planning to start my own store and I plan to buy all my stuff from you guys!!!!!!!

You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Jenn and Mike (08/25/05)

I would like to thank you for providing affordable atv's for kids.My daughter loves hers. I am glad you also stress the importance of helmets. I plan to purchase 2 more in the future for my other daughters when they are old enough.Thanks again

- 08/25/05 (Jennifer)

You guys are great! We love the Dingo 150 we bought from you a few months ago and had to have a pair to play on. Now we're trying the next size up with the maverick 200! Oh yeah, love the t shirt freebie, too. We get lots of comments on the "physics a bitch" one! We told everybody we know about the great prices and gave them your website to check out! Thanks! The Lindsey's

- the lindsey's (08/25/05)

The ATV is very cool. Thank you for the fast delivery for my son's birthday, He is going to love it. Thank you, Randy

- Randy (08/25/05)

My daughter and son have had a blast on the atv. I think i might have to buy another one.

- Jerry (08/24/05)

Hey rocket crew thankyou for the two 90,s they arrived in good shape.The steel framed box they came in was good deal.My kids are very happy and they said tell you guys thanks,the only trouble we had was dad wasnt home after school to ride them.thanks again james

- James (08/23/05)

Just thought I would let you know that my girls both love the meercat. So I will be making another purchase later THANK YOU for all of the fun Jerry Clinton Ok.

- Jerry (08/23/05)

Yes, thank you. My boy loves the "vroom vroom" and rides it all the time. After I put on all the Harley Davidson stickers. he thinks Harley makes ATV's.

I'll have told a number of people about your products and service.


L. Timmons

- Leonard (08/22/05)

Hi...First off Layaway rocks, I am so happy I found your site.

- Jen (08//22/05)

What a great experience! Our son loves his new 4 wheeler. He's been on it all weekend. Your team is great to deal with, and your four wheelers are as good or better than advertised on your site. We chose you because of your no-bull website (and your pricing!), and your staff was fantastic to work with! Several of our friends were present at delivery, and at least three of them were heading home to check out your website and wanting to order one of their own. So glad we found you! We will definitely recommend you to all, and when we are ready for another four wheeler we'll be back!

- Diane (08/22/05)

The customer service was great and the 4 wheeler itself is better than advertised. Would definitely recommend people to purchase products from Wicked Rockets.

- Matt (08/19/05)

Awesome 4 wheeler daughter loves it. Great people to deal with.Had bent rim on wheeler,they were very quick to replace it.Looking forward to doing buiness with the crew again. Thanks so much Earl Kraft

- Earl (08/17/05)

hi guys hey just wanted to let you know i recieved my Falcon 150 MK2 a few weeks ago but this weekend was the first time i got to take it out for a spin, its awsome works as advertised. i have a guide hunting trip coming up in sept. after that i will be ordering one for myself, cant let the kids have all the fun.

- William (08/15/05)

My buddy got one of these things from you and when we go out, no one will leave us alone... We might as well sign on as salesman and get paid for all the demonstrations we have had to do.

- Ivan (08/15/05)

I just want to thank you guys. NEVER have I had such a good buying experience over the Internet. Rachel was awesome!!! Matt was awesome!!! My kids were so happy with their new quads!!

Again, thank you for everything. I will be sure to tell EVERYONE about the great experience I had with Wicked Rocket!!!!

Mark Chapman

- Mark (08/15/05)

Hey guys I got both of my orders and the kids are tearing it up outside thanks.

- Rodney (08/12/05)

thanks guys for a prompt delivery & great product. i'm already turning my friends onto your site.

- Rich (08/12/05)

Hey Thanks!! Are daughter loves her new 4-wheeler. We will definetly be ordering from you all again!!! Thanks again.

- Angel (08/11/05)

Holy Cow!!! That is one bad ass little quad!! I could have sold 5 of them this weekend alone. My daughter is loving it and we are so impressed with all we got for that price. Quad's are a big deal in our town as we live in the desert and only 30 minutes from a decent sand dune area

- Brandi (08/11/05)

I want to thanks for the meercat for my daughter. She has not got off of the fourwheeler yet

- Mike (08/09/05)

Hey crew i just wanted to drop you a line and let you know i recieved my meercat today right on time for my son's birthday, it runs awsome and i just love it, you guys worked like hell to get it to me on time and you guys just rock! thank you so much for my son's best birthday present ever and we will be back for a go cart real soon! thanks guys i appreciate it! you guys kick ass!! christina

- Christina (08/09/05)

i just wanted to say how nice the atv looks and runs very happy with product and the service. i will be putting the word out about your company. chuck

- Chuck (08/08/05)

Hi Wicked Crew, The Quad arrived just in time!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!My daughter just loved the bike it was her birthday present...Thanks...Tim...

- Tim (08/08/05)

Thank you for the Prompt Delivery you staff is Very Professional and Answered All My Questions.

I Received My Falcon 250 and Its Just as Advertised. Thanks


- Kevyn (08/08/05)

I just recieved my sons Meerkat 50 yesterday, it only took four days to recieve and my son loves it and I was impressed. I was really suprised in the quick delivery time. Thanks a bunch.

- Eric (08/05/05)

we took delivery in a very timely manner and the product is great . some simple assembly and the kids were off smashing though the woods.thanx for everything

- Richard (08/02/05)

I received my red ATV Thursday. I love it and have been riding every day. I am the happiest girl in the neighborhood. It was my birthday present. Thank you for the ATV and all your help.........I call it the Red Barren :)

- Kiah (08/02/05)

This was a great gift for my daughter, she loves it! We have looked over it, she has been riding it and we feel its a great sturdy machine at a GREAT price that she will enjoy for years to come before it gets handed down to our youngest daughter. Thank you, Rebecca

- Rebecca (08/02/05)

Our grandkids loved the first ATV so much we had to get another. It was delivered last week and they didn't bug us the entire weekend! They had plenty to do with the ATV's. Thank you!!!

- The Ratherts (08/02/05)

Thanks so much for the 4-wheeler, it really looks good. The motor is so quiet. Our son loves it. He's just learning about riding. It wouldn't have taken long for us to have the same amount of money in a bunch of electric powered cars. This is a great little fourwheeler with a great little motor, that we expect he should be able to ride for 3 years or so. The safety features are impressive. He is loving it too. The green is a good color for this product. Well worth the money and delivered Super fast. Thank you Wicked Rocket.

- Michael (08/02/05)

Just a short note to say thank you for getting my sons new Meercat 50 ATV to us in such a timely fashion. He is having a great time. What a great gift !!! Great prices and great people to work with -- Will definitely return as a customer and will pass the word along about Wickedrocket.com !!!

- Bobbi Jo (08/02/05)

We received our order today. That was fast. Thanks!

- Avery (07/28/05)


- Harold (07/28/05)

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service/delivery of my order. My son had a blast yesterday evening when we gave him his Meercat 50

- Bonnie (07/28/05)

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate you going out of your way to help.

Have a great summer.

- Charlotte (07/25/05)


- M Dalpra (07/25/05)

yes hi, i wanted to say that your four wheeler has brought us a lot of fun!

- Denee' (07/21/05)

hi, my son loves his atv he rides every day it nice and quite he really loves the color and the cool look he has a cute little smile every time he tells someone he has one.

- Diane (07/20/05)

MY two 150s run great- I am very happy

- Jason (07/14/05)

Received two quads. Great stuff

- Peter (07/01/05)

We had a bad experience with one of your competitors (gasrides.com), cancelled their order and went with you based upon a reference from Eric K. here in MI. He said his delivery only took 2-weeks! That would be great...

- Lisa (06/14/05)

Thank you guys so much!!! The kids really love their new toy. That thing will get up and go!!! I am very pleased and will tell everyone I know that is looking for that sort of stuff!!!

- Kristi (06/29/05)

We recieved the atv today. It was easy to put together and my son was able to ride it in no time. Thank you for making everything so easy and for helping me put a smile on my son's face. I know that if I need another atv or a friend wants one your company will be the place to go to for me.

- Tracy (06/29/05 )

It is wonderful and my son was on it until it got dark! I will be back to get one for myself!

- Barbara (06/29/05 )

Thank you for the ATV. The boys are loving it! We will be in contact again with you next year when tax refund season comes around. LOL!!

- Tangy (06/27/05 )

Dear Wicked Rocket crew, I recieved my shipment, they are both great and my Grandkids love them! Thank you for having such a great deal for me to be able to get two ATV'S for my grandkids. Thanks again, Pam

- Pam (06/24/05 )

We got them today!! Thanks so much. They are awesome, and we are the envy of the family!!

- Leslie (06/22/05 )

My daughter enjoyed the 4-wheeler alot. Thank you .

- Sarah (06/17/05 )

Hey all I can say is I bought(2) 250cc and (1) 150cc and i have three ATV'S for the price of myu brother's one (he's pissed) at first his thing was...yea i'll see you behind me or stuck, well my 250 goes every place his polaris goes and i can pick it up with my hands if needed,his is like a damn truck it's so heavy, might as well use a truck. I love the straight up, no bullshit comments, you guys tell the truth and your product speaks for itself.

- Nick (06/16/05 )

The wheeler looks really cool! My kid is going to love it. All the other kids in the neighborhood will be buying one soon.

- Chris B (06/14/05 )

I want to say thanks for the great product at such a great price. I tell people what we paid and that it came right to our door and they cant believe it. I always tell the to go to your website and check it out. Once again thanks for every thing.

- Shelley (06/09/05 )

Wicked Rocket you guys ROCK!!

- Diane (06/08/05 )

We received our Falcon 150 last Friday. My son has been riding for 3 years now and says that he loves his new quad. Thanks again for the great prices and AWESOME four wheeler. Jade B.

- Jade (06/06/05 )

I Didn't Buy My Pocket Bike Yet And I Love It Already. Ya'll Have The Best Prices On The Internet. Can't Wait To Get It.

- Justin (06/06/05 )

Hi, my granddaughter got her atv and she loves it! Thank You!!! Granny (Regine)

- Regine (06/03/05 )


- Lana (06/01/05 )

Hip Hip Hooray we got our Quad today!!!!!! I not ordered from the internet before, so I was a little nervous. Thank You ! Thank You ! Art

- Art (05/31/05 )

Thanx for the cool stuff guys! So far, I'm extremley pleased! The kids put about 20 miles on it already! I'll probably be ordering another one or two in the near future! Lon

- Lon (05/24/05)

You guys ROCK! I am very impressed with your prices, your shipping speed, your emails, and the list could go on and on! My daughter LOVES her blue 50cc. We honestly can not get her off of it. I am telling EVERYONE about www.wickedrocket.com THANK YOU from Iowa! The Sherer's

- The Sherer's (05/23/05)

I really do want to say thank you one more time. My husband always begged his parents for one when he was a kid, so did I. now we finally have one. never thought it would happen. thank you sooooo much! and we will be buying more from you! tiffany

- Tiffany (05/23/05)

I just wanted to let you know we received our ATV and my little girl loves it!! It works great and we are very happy with it!

- Crystal (05/23/05)

We got our 4 wheeler in yesterday. We were so psyched! My husband and I are fighting over who is going to ride it. So, we will have to get a 250cc real soon to fix that problem. Thanks again, great price and fun to ride. Todd & Tiff

- Todd and Tiffany (05/20/05)

Hey, Guys I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and the exceptional value you really delivered! The bike is great and I will tell everyone about your website! Thanks again

- Jim M (05/20/05)

I just wanna say...These are the best deals I have ever seen! I am speechlees and I will spread the word.

- Tom W (05/18/05)

Thank you very much, we got the atv today. We are so pleased we got it so soon.

- DP (05/18/05)

Thanks for getting my order to me on time! my son loves it and is having a ball, I have three neighbors wanting to know where I got it from.

- Tim G (05/16/05 )

I ordered a 150 And It runs great!

- Derick (05/16/05)

The quad runs great. I am pleased with the performance- and my daughter loves it!!!

- Chris (05/11/05)

Thanks a million for giving me accessibility to purchase one of these. I searched all over, and checked all brand name stores, and no one had a layaway plan , or , a plan to help someone like myself, with bad credit. now, my daughter will have hours of fun at our cabin, and so will I.

- Ken (05/10/05)

My mother has ordered a 50 four wheeler from you guys and we have got it, but I just have to comment about this website; I guess I have told everyone I know about Wicked Rocket- you all are life savers! We don't have alot of money, thank you for been so great on your prices, and o yea that is so cool how you all are just right up front with everything, you just tell it how it is and I hope that you all keep doing great at your work.

- LINDSAY (05/10/05)

We just recieved our atv and it far exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that it came with the security system. My daughter loves the fact that she has her own remote. The assembly was short and sweet but it would have been nice to have some instructions that were not written by a rocket scientist. I just wanted t let you know that we love it so far and would like to thank you.

- Jeremy (05/09/05)

I recieved my shirt today. It looks better than i thought it would I love it Again thank you for everything

- Dave (05/06/05)

I received the bike today and have been riding it for the last 3 hours. I would like to thank you for all your help. I think the bike is great and know what I'll be doing this weekend.

- Tim G (05/05/05)

Out of 5 years of toys and entertainment items this has been the best purchase we have made by far!!

- Robert (05/04/05)


- Frank (05/03/05)

I would like to thank the Wicked Rocket Crew for their outstanding service. The ATV's were delivered in a timely manner, they were in fine shape and started right up. When I had a problem with the initial order I was given prompt courteous service. I am impressed. Unfortunately there are not many businesses that have the same standards. I have already and will continue to recommend you to others.

Thanks, Mike

- Mike (04/28/05)

Dear Wicked Rocket Staff, I just wanted to thank you for your lay-away option! It made it a lot easier for me to purchase my son his ATV. My credit has been tarnished due to divorce a few years back and made it impossible for me to get credit with any ATV dealer. Were it not for the lay-away option and your great prices I would have had a more difficult time attaining the ATV of my son's dreams! He loves it and is very happy! Thank you! Rachel

- Rachel S (04/28/05)

Hello! Just wanted to thank you at Wicked Rocket for the great service so far! We've only had our new toy a week now but our nephew sure loves it!!!! When I asked him if he loved it, he replied, "Just like it was my own wife!" As you can tell, he's quite a character!! We will refer anyone looking for a machine to you guys! Thanks again!! Diane

- Diane (04/27/05)

Yes, i did received it,and thank you. I`am sure to buy from you again soon. everything was in order and i will tell my friends.You spend your money and if your ever in Lake Havasu City, AZ., look me up.

Thank again


- Jerry (04/27/05)


- Renee and Kevin (04/20/05)

I love your website. It is the coolest.

- Gail (04/20/05)

Hey Guys...thanks for the "cool stuff"...my three kids are having a blast and riding everyday (with helmet)on their little Meercat 50cc ATV...Can't beat the price and I've already told anyone who will listen about your great web-site...Thanks again ...Bill

- Bill (04/11/05)

I ordered a meercat for my son and a MK2 for other son and they just love them !! Acutally i know first hand what you mean when you say "remember when you had grass! " my wife reminds me every weekend now !! thanks and will recommend you to everyone i know !!

- Greg B (04/06/05)

You guys are great ,we are telling everyone about your site hope you get more business from it!

- Debbi B (04/04/05)

Just to let you know that our grandson was thrilled to see his new toy. Thanks again for all your help. We will spread the good word for Wicked Rocket and the crew.

- Bill H. (04/04/05)

Hi my name is Ozzie from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have been riding ATV and ATC for the last 20 years. Recently I purchased a Meerkat50. First, it was delivered perfectly on time - just before my kid's birthday. When I gave to him I saw and will never forget the expression of happiness on his face. This bike is unbelievable on its performance, durabality, safety features and price that nobody will compete with. I recomended Wicked Rocket to all my friends and riding partners.

- Ozzie (04/04/05)

Howdy from Texas- I will start of by saying "Thanks again" for a couple of great rides - the quads are terrific out on the ranch - I have been doing fence line spraying with one, and it handles the task with ease.

My coworker who also bought from you after seeing mine is pleased as well.

Everyone who comes out to the farm has a hard time believing the price for the quads, so I bet you get some more orders from my neck of the woods soon.

- Jason T (04/04/05)

I have received everything that was ordered. I've already spread the word and site address. It's great, the boyz love it. Thanks for keeping the toyz affordable. Looking forward to doing business again in the future.

- Kelly K (03/30/05)

I know, You have heard it all before - Ease of purchase, great price, delivered as promised, fired right up ... How easy was this transaction!! Highly recommend not only your products, but your site for the funniest reading around! Thanks and will be back with friends.

- Kyle J (3/30/05)

Thanks for the 4-wheeler. The grandchildren have had a lot of fun on it. I could not believe how well it is built. I'm sure the kids will have many great rides on it. Oh yea my granddaughter says you guys did good too.

- Darryl E (03/23/05)

hey guys, machine arrived wednesday 3/16/05 went together well.added gas it took right off. nice little machine.

- James A (03/16/05)

Thanks for getting us our 4 wheeler. Our little boy has really enjoyed it.

- Linda M (03/18/05)

You all do good work. I don`t care what Tim says.

- Ralph W. ( 03/16/05)

Good Afternoon! I just received my ATV-thank you it's awesome.

- Tammy (03/16/05)

We are telling everyone about our ATV!! It is so cute!!!And your customer service is awesome!!! Thanks again

- Debbie B (03/15/05)

You guys are the best, looking forward to seeing the look on my daughters face when she opens this bad boy up. Thanks again.

- Jeremiah S (03/15/05)

Our Meercat 50 arrived yesterday. I put it together and my son took it out for a spin. He loves it.

- David H (03/12/05)

Great rig funny company--direct---I like it my friends will be calling

- Barry (03/13/05)

Oh my gosh I love it!!!! It is so adorable!!! My husband got it for me to go with them and it is great!! Thanks we will tell everyone about your site!!! Oh we got the 150 in beautiful green!!! Thanks again

- Debi B (03/14/05)

Thank you so very much!!! I have told everyone here about your products! You should be getting more orders from this area!

- Thomas S (03/14/05)

Wicked Rocket,

I would like to thankyou I received the atv today and everything was good it started right up. I will be contacting you in a couple of month for another one for my daughter this will be my third one we purchased from you .


- Tammy Andrew (03/08/05)


I just wanted to let you know how helpful your company has been with the purchase of our ATV. We received it with in a couple of weeks of ordering it. It arrived and only took a short time to have it running. We look forward to our next purchase with Wicked Rocket.

Thank you for all your help and support. We have referred other people to your site due to the quality of the product and support.

- Wortons (02/22/05)

Dear Wicked Rocket Crew,

Just a few lines to let you know that it was great doing business with you! We recieved the quad that I ordered after only a 4 day wait. My son has really enjoyed his super-fun birthday gift.... I will definitely pass along your website to others looking for the same thing I was.

- Steve T. (02/01/05)

Dave, Tim & Bill,

I spend every reviewing web sites trying to find companies that could benefit from advertising on our sites.....and today I ran into yours! I love it! I love it so much, I'm not even going to try to sell you anything. I just want to email you and tell you that you guys had me rolling and everyone was wondering what the heck was going on. It's funny to read how straight forward you guys are and your PSAs are freaking hilarious!

Good luck to you guys, it looks like you've got a great thing going!

- Jason Johnson (01/31/05)

Thanks alot guys for the great Christmas that Santa brought, the 2 -4 wheelers for my 2 sons. They enjoy them very much and can't seem to get enough riding time on the 50cc 4 wheelers that they received for Christmas. They are ideal for starting out on and perfect size. Only problem is when they outgrow them I will have to purchase bigger ones and I will buy them from you. Thanks again!

- George (01/04/05)

I've got something nice to say!!! You guys are straight shooters! The three ATV's for my sister's children came as promised. The FX-55's and the KMX-50 are wonderful. The boys love them and have ridden them every second possible. They started immediately. Purchasing was easy and very pleasant. FYI, I again walked through the local Honda, Polaris, and Suzuki dealers after we received our Wicked Rocket ATV's and could not believe their high prices for what are essentially the same machines.

THANK YOU so much.

- John Fain (01/03/05)

Hey, Got the four wheeler in record time for Christmas, it was just as promised, started right up, great color, no problems whatsoever. Glad we ordered when we did and got your Christmas pricing, would recommend to anyone interested in a four wheeler, we got the 50 for our grandson and he is riding like a pro already! Thanks so much!

- Lisa (01/03/05)

I received the four wheeler and my kids love it!.

- Steve Harris (01/02/05)

yes we got the atv and my granddaughter loves it. sorry to have been so frantic. but you know how it is at christmas, and you are waiting for a package to arrive. thanks guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- S. Woodsworth (12/30/04)

Thank you for your service in getting us our ATV before Christmas.

My son loves it!!

- Keith (12/30/04)

Hey there...my name is Amanda Pritchett, and i recently bought a 150 atv from your company. I had to write you guys to let you know just how pleased I was with the whole entire transaction. I received emails to confirm every move my atv made...and this definatly made me feel at ease. I appreciate everything you all did, and I will refer you to anyone I know that is interested. I too, am a business owner and I know the importance of great customer service, and I must say that you guys get 5 stars!!! Thanks again, and if you have a minute, check out the picture I have attatched....it is my nephews reaction when he laid his eyes on his new 4-wheeler!!! Have a great and prosperous new year!!!

- Amanda Pritchett (12/30/04)

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I received my red four wheeler right before Christmas and was very impressed with the whole set-up. My two daughters were so thrilled with it, we took it out today for the first time and I wish everyone could see the joy in their faces.

- A.G. (12/29/04)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. We love it. The delivery man was great too. he call the day before to comfrim some would be here after dinner, and the next morning he relized he was running late and called back to let us know it would be @5.pm before he could get here, so we didn't have to sat here all day and wait on him so please tell them him thankyou also. It is the cutest ATV I have ever seen and the price is to good to be true. I'm sure this will be Destiny's best Chirstmas ever.

- Erma (12/21/04)

Thanks and we got the 4 wheeler. I can't wait for our kid to see this by the tree on Christmas morning!! He has no idea he is even getting this! Maybe we'll send you a pic to show just how he reacts on Christmas! I have told about 10 people about your company. You should be getting more sales soon!!

- Dennis and Rolanda Miller (12/21/04)

I recieved my KMX-50 and have a major complaint. That jolly fat bastard is going to get all the credit and were gonna come off looking cheap. What an awesome little bike . My daughter is going to love it. This is a great little bike . Ive found this same bike going for as much as $1300 not 10 miles from home. Thanks guys and im sure you will be getting more buisness from us again. Have a Great Christmas!

- Dennis Zeringue (12/17/04)

Happy holidays guys! We recieved both the ATVs we ordered for our kids for Xmas a we were pleasently impressed!! They arrived in a very short amount of time and what a great product. Both were in untouched condition and run great. Our kids are gonna freak!! What a memerable Xmas for all of us. Thanks for being available to us.

- Yanya Murray (12/08/04)

Thanx Bill;

The KMX-50 was delivered to my home yesterday afternoon and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for the Great Deal and follow up service. We look forward to passing on your business information to all who ask in the future and also will check back with you for our own shopping needs. Most important, you made a Grandson who was born special and not supposed to survive to see 2 years to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

The best to you, your fellow employees, and your family for the Holiday Season !!

- Skip B. (12/07/04)

Hey Guys! I was looking for a Go-Kart for my son for Christmas and then he asks Santa for a 4-Wheeler!!! So frantically I begin calling the local dealers and I can't believe the prices! So I start to panic because he says this is REALLY what he would like to have. So I think what the heck I'll try the web and well I stumble upon Wicked Rocket somehow. Now here I am and have just placed an order for the BLUE 4-wheeler he wants. I am very excited and looking forward to doing business with your family! Thanks So Much!

- Kandi (12/07/04)

Thank you, It was a very smooth purchase. I am so excited to give it to my kids. We will definitely be referring you to our friends. Thanks again.

- Tara R. (12/07/04 )

Hi, I received my 2 four wheelers yesterday. They are in great condition and run very well. They started right up. Thanks again for the great service, product and helpful staff.

- Bill O. (12/07/04)